Greetings/best wishes from Monica Ambrose

I greet all my fans, followers and well wishers in the name of the Lord.

Welcome to 2020 !! And I sincerely pray for you that your heart desires be met this year, and may the protection of the Lord guide you through the days, weeks and months of the year in the name of Yehushua hamashiach Amen.

2019 was good and splendid, but this year will be greater. A lot is planned this year, MA as a social media brand name will be busy with a lot of entertaining/educative program this year. We aimed to admonish ourselves with the little we know and encourage others to follow suit.

MA is coming up with a family channel titled “Monica Ambrose family channel” (Monica wood) This is not limited to other family joining ours to execute some of the shows and program as the case maybe. On this channel we will focus on family issues and building of our children and the home at large, and studying of scripture is one of the most important menu that will constantly reoccur frequently.

We will be conducting virtual and on studio interview of stars and celebrities talking of issues ranging from “the good , the bad and the ugly” of their journey in their various field of stardom. MA is also out to produce music and movies and promote them in other to give a helping to those trying to come up. This is one of our strong point to give back to the society.

MA will also launch a helping hand organization (NGO) to most African countries focusing on young pregnant women/mothers, youths and the most elderly ones in the society we might found ourselves. We are ready to promote farming and agriculture for self sustenance and self reliance.

To mention but a few of them, MA knows no boundaries this season, you are all invited to make your viable suggestions and contribution, we will listen and work together because it is a collective responsibility to do good to all men.

Thanks a lot and have a smooth ride through 2020! Stay bless.

Yours sincerely, MA Family.

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