Nigerian Pastors Prophecies

It is no longer news that every 31st of December many are expecting to hear their GO’s release a prophetic word as God has give it to them for the new year. The GO’s will in turn not disappoint to reveal what God told them about the year ahead.

However, I have a huge problem with both the congregation and the GO’s in their yearly dramas. Let me start with the congregation (church members) first. Matthew 16:4 ” Only an evil, adulterous generation would demand a miraculous sign …….” These GO’s are actually giving to the congregation what they want to hear, any one seeking to know what tomorrow will bring is a sorcerer and that is a sin against God. 1 Samuel 28 13-28. this was about king Saul and the witch of Endor. What Nigerian or rather Africans supposed christens are doing is just the same thing, looking ahead if the coast is clear and what tomorrow will bring but Yehushua warns us not to take thought of tomorrow because tomorrow will settle itself. More annoying is the fact that the gullible worshipers will not check the prophecy of the previous year out whether it actually came to pass or not yet they are expecting to hear new one every year.

The GO’s who are relentless in their fake and empty words are not willing nor even ready to deceased from this scam but every year they are voicing more and more empty words out of their mouth and their gullible members will thunder AMEN!!, and yet non of their words will ever come to pass.

To say these men parading themselves as true clergy men are fake and corrupt is an understatement, their corruption knows no boundaries. If I take the last 5 years to investigate their prophecies given so far you will see 1% of all they said did not add up. Please read these scriptures Jeremiah 23:32 Deuteronomy 13 1-5. If you know these 2 places in the scriptures I do not think you will be afraid of any fake self declared man of god.


Do not strife to know what tomorrow would bring and how will this year go, if you do you are a sinner and you are not different from a sorcerer or someone that consult a witch doctor to look into the future for them.

Conclusively, I would like you to verify the fake prophecies given for 2019 by all Nigerian pastors and investigate if it was accurate or not. Don’t forget if God had indeed spoken to them I bet you it will 100% come to pass without failing, but because they all speak from their corrupt minds and thoughts it all failed. Stay blessed.

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