Obaseki celebrates 3 years in office with zero projects to commission.

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    *Obaseki celebrates 3 years in office with zero projects to commission.*

    There is a mundane knowledge taken for granted worldwide, and that is; stewardship is one thing that public office holders, as servants of the people must prioritize for accountability, especially when it is known that the time for accountability about stewardship has come.

    In Edo state, we have a Governor, who rather than showcasing his achievements, or commence commissioning of already completed projects has resolved to take the annual anniversary in office as a time to wine and dine at the expense of the people and the state’s meagre resources.

    Governor Obaseki is celebrating his 3rd year anniversary as governor of Edo state. He has scheduled a game of golf, Christian and Muslim prayers, talk shows, parties and banquets to mark the 3 years anniversary. What could have been more reasonable was for the Governor to use this medium to show the people his results so far in accordance with his campaign promises in 2016.

    The accountability in this administration is as clear as mud. It is so opaque that one can’t point definitively to any projects to show as achievement in his (Obaseki’s) three years in office. It was expected that project commissioning would be the Hallmark of this anniversary celebration, sadly the reality on ground is anything but.

    During the campaign that saw him become Governor, he made juicy promises, indeed he was vociferous while making some of those fantastic promises.

    One of such promises from Gov Obaseki that piqued the attention of Edo people was the intended development of Gele Gele into a sea port. It is already three years in office and we are yet to see any form of work being carried out on the said Gele Gele Port despite signing several MOU’s worth millions.

    We are not saying it should have been completed or even gone half way given the short space of time, that would be unreasonable by all standards. We feel that reasonable work should have commenced on site at the very least. We must grow beyond this deceit and begin to ask questions such as: what have the billions of naira spent on that supposed sea port been used for?

    Of course the importance of this seaport cannot be overemphasized, as it will enhance job opportunities, improve commercial activities in the state, and accelerate economic development in the area which will in turn improve the loved of the locals.

    What about the industrial park that was promised both during the campaigns and at inception of this deceitful administration? We have neither seen nor heard anything of the said park, curiously private parks for revenue collection have been built and developed just to get more money from the people. You pay the sum of #100 to use this park, for what!? What exactly does this government take us for? The Bus drivers that pay taxes everyday do not even have a conducive space to park their vehicles.

    It is pitiable that the Governor has deviated from the already established construction of standard roads initiated by his predecessor in the state. It must be pointed out for instance that every single road being constructed by this government isl sub standard. It was shameful when the Governor’s media team took photos of the beginning of St Saviour road — the only part of the road that is motorable — and published on social media platforms claiming the road had been constructed and is now fit for vehicles. They deviously left the parts abandoned by the government and their contractors as well as the part that had failed in less than two months of construction at Obanosa junction.

    It is scary the extent to which this government goes in spreading propaganda solely aimed at deceiving Edo people.

    Gov Obaseki in his desperation for votes, again promised the teeming youths of Edo, 200,000 jobs. We only see job advertisements of private companies being advertised on EdoJobs. It was even more bizarre when Ukinebo Dare (SSA on Skills Acquisition and Jobs Creation), during a radio interview on KU FM last year claimed that the government had already created over 170,000 jobs. In closet questioning she couldn’t explain where, who, or how they were employed. The worst is that you can only get these jobs at the request of the company’s who advertise such vacancy. Putting it mildly; it is just an attempt by the Government to further deceive the youths of the state, asin reality, no vacancy exists.

    He went to rural areas, promised the hardworking farmers that he would make them millionaires if elected, it’s three years now, the farmers are left in unrealistic abeyance.

    Education they say, is the key to a prosperous and peaceful society, and of course the best legacy a parent can give to their children, this is the obvious reason every government makes it a priority, but not in Edo state since Gov Godwin Obaseki took the mantle of leadership, we have witnessed the inexplicable shutdown of some notable higher institutions in the state

    There has been an obvious reversal of fortunes in the burgeoning education sector. Students enrollment are supplemented due to the terrible state of infrastructure and the added problems of insecurity that are rampant in the state. Instead of continuing on the renovation exercise of his hardworking predecessor, Gov Godwin Obaseki has turned the renovation exercise into a cash cow by awarding inflated contracts to his friends and cronies, who channel all the money elsewhere.

    What exactly is there to celebrate at the three years anniversary except for deceit and successful embezzlement of state funds.

    This government should rather focus on delivering on their campaign promises, as this so called anniversary is another way to spend tax payers money on frivolous activities.

    The alaghodaro summit obviously is just another attempt by this government’s officials to justify more diversion of funds and a means to dine and unwind when the masses are taxed heavily and the ordinary citizens are in hunger

    Our prayer at ChrisOsaMedia is that may God bless us with a real and genuine alaghodaro advocate after the completion of the deceitful Governor 3+1

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